Digital Mileage Correction

Digital mileage correction can be necessary where the mileage reading on your odometer has changed from the true value. Costs for mileage adjustment start at £50 and increase depending on the complexity of the work involved. Discounts may be available for multiple vehicles or regular custom.

Why would I need odometer correction?

This can happen when a car is jump started or when there is a fault with the ECU. Other common reasons for mileage adjustment being required include when an imported car needs converted from kilometers to miles or if your clocks need replaced when a pixel malfunctions on the display.

How is mileage adjustment carried out?

The method of adjustment depends on your particular vehicle and can be carried out via the car's on board diagnostic system (OBD2), by removing the instrument cluster or sometimes by stripping the instrument cluster right down to the circuit board to access the necessary chip.

Is digital mileage correction legal?

The act of adjusting the mileage on a vehicle is not in itself illegal. It is illegal however to knowingly sell a vehicle without disclosing the correct mileage reading.

We reserve the right to refuse to adjust your digital mileage reading if we suspect illegal intent.

Mobile digital mileage correction

To save you some time and hassle we offer mobile digital mileage correction so our technicians will come to you. Please call for further details.

Book your Digital Mileage Correction

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