Diagnostic Fault Finding

Car Diagnostics Services

Moorfield Motor Services undergo continuous training and investment so that our knowledge of your vehicle and diagnostic equipment are fully up to date.

This allows us to work quickly and efficiently saving you time and money.

Fault Code Readers and Engine Management Systems

Modern cars are fitted with ECUs to control the car's engine and onboard systems. When a problem is detected the car will show a warning light such as check engine or service due. To diagnose the fault our technicians connect a scanner which reads the relevant fault codes.

This tells us where the problem lies allowing us to investigate the area and correct the fault.

We use the same equipment as main dealers

Moorfield Motor Services have dealer diagnostics for Land Rover, Jaguar, Ford and Mazda. We can provide dealer level diagnostics for most European models of vehicle.

Key Programming and Module Programming

We can fix broken, damaged transponder keys or replace lost transponder keys.

ECU Reprogramming for lost Keys

If you loose the keys for your Fiat, Lexus, Toyota, Alfa Romeo and some other marques the cars ECU must be reprogrammed to recognise a new key and so that it will ignore the old key. We can provide this service at a much lower rate than your main dealer.